Tent City
of Lakewood, NJ

Our Tent City (at its original location) is now officially closed.

We are very grateful to everyone who had supported us over the past 8+ years, during which hundreds of lives have been positively affected by our work.

... but the nation-wide Tent City Movement is only just beginning!

What's Next?

With the brutal destruction of our Tent City by the prevailing forces in the Lakewood Township government, the number of people in the area who are living in the streets has increased… Our organization is evolving from serving a single location to now being a movement to create new sustainable homeless camps where they are needed. All that we need to accomplish this is land…

We are now working on a new Web-site to coordinate nation-wide efforts to establish and support homeless camps that are safe, humane, and economically sustainable. Please learn more about the Tent City Movement at TentCity.org!

Old Web-site Archives

Looking for the old Web-site for the Lakewood Tent City?

"Version 1" of the TentCityNJ.org Web-site was created in October 2011 by Bill Marshall. "Version 2" was created in June 2013 by Alex Libman (static site generated from Wikia content). You can also find snap-shots of the old Web-site via Archive.org and Archive.today.